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I ordered a pair of Forus shoes September of last year. Still no shoes. I don't know what their problem is (broke no money) but they are deceptive and cruel. I have been waiting for over a year and still nothing. I got the same bogus e-mail claiming shipping container had been held up in customs. Is it still in customs. What's going on. I hope that whenever they get some money all of the ripped off people get an extra pair of shoes. The product... Read more

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It's been 2 years and I still haven't received my shoes. This company is very fraudulent.

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Same song and dance as every other reviewer… Ordered a pair of athletic shoes after hearing about the product on shark tank. Being an alumni of IU, I wanted to support those at my alma mater And get some fun shoes with the IU logo. As with everyone else, I ordered in April of last year with little to no follow-up, completely dissolving in October 2015. It's now too late to get a refund, yet their site is still up and active. Read more

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I ordered the I U athletic shoes right after the show...promised several times...still no shoes and they were to be a Christmas gift last year...have not heard a word and it appears their website is down...I just want to know if they will ever be available..they have my credit card information...I am surprised the Shark Tank show would have a product/company on the show that has this first they just said there was so much demand... Read more

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I ordered shows after Shark tank episode. They have not delivered the product, they stopped sending updates. They said they had issues getting product to the USA due to customs. They do not reply to emails, and they do not take phone calls. They gave everyone a 10% discount at some point, however they still robbed me and many others of 80+ dollars. Scam Company. It pains me to see that they have a revamped website and are still selling product.... Read more

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Like many of you i ordered a pair of shoes after the shark tank episode and they have yet to be delivered. That was over 15 nonths ago. They returned my enails at first stating that tge shoes were stuck in customs and thanked me for my patience. I continued to enail them but tgey have failed to respond to any of my emails for the past 8-10 months. What a joke of a company.

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Never received the shoes! Over a year later and now they won't respond

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I have complained to the Better Business Bureau, The Indiana Attorney General and the US Post office and no help from any of them. If we keep complaining maybe someday they'll get enough complaints to take action against these crooks. There is power in numbers. Please send in your complaint to those agencies and get them prosecuted. They have not shipped shoes, answered emails or phone calls. I tracked down one of the guys on Facebook but he... Read more

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Ordered a pair of shoes from them after seeing them air on shark tank. I was very patient and understanding of them unable to keep up with production after high volume sales after airing but I haven't heard anything in almost 6 months and they don't answer emails or phone calls. No refund has been made. Stole my money and ran. Anyone know of any class action lawsuits against them? This company has been scamming people, myself included, and we... Read more

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Contact me if you also got screwed over by this company. lets all get together and sue them. i Ordered back in April 2015 just like everyone else. Received all the same emails you all did about customs and all that nonsense. I was patient and understanding due to them "not being prepared for such high sales volume after Shark Tank aired. now nobody answers the phone or responds to emails. How can they get away with scamming people out of so much... Read more

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